Who is Christine – The Profit Fixer?

For 25 years I have been working hands-on with small and medium size businesses. I have learned at the coal face what it takes to successfully start, grow and sell or handover businesses.

I have made mistakes (plenty of them!) and, as a business owner myself, experienced the doubts and fears that are going through your mind. I have worked 100 hour weeks, not seen my family or friends for weeks and stopped doing the things I really enjoy - I have walked in your shoes!

I have SAVED businesses THOUSANDS of £’s

I have MADE business owners MILLIONS

I have worked with companies that have gone on to hugely successful, high multiple exits, with 9-figure pay-outs for the business owners and investors.

I have helped entrepreneurs add £m’s to the bottom line of their stagnating businesses, injecting new energy and growth. That’s why I’m called the Fixer!

On the flip-side I have also helped struggling business owners move their businesses into insolvency, releasing them from the burden of a broken business and allowing them to start their new future.

Who can I help?

You might think your business is unique but there are some basic foundations of every business that, when they are in place, everything else becomes easier. This usually starts with what is often referred to as back office functions - Finance, HR, IT and Legal / Statutory requirements.

You will probably have an accountant or a book keeper but most will not be able to help you with a wider understanding of how your business works and what strategies and tactics you should be engaging in your business to optimise its value. Plus you need to be able to scale your business without adding more hours to your already busy day!

As a Chartered Management Accountant with a Law degree and a post-graduate degree in Information Systems Management, Christine Nicholson has all the experience across both the operations of a business as well as how to get the most out of your back-office activities.

Previous clients have required:

  • A Finance Director who can support the Business Owner through growth and change programs
  • Transformation of business processes (including establishing processes from scratch)
  • Preparation for scaling, getting the right staff in place and finding the cash to fund growth;
  • Planning for sale or exit of the current owner – optimising for sale value;
  • Complete restructuring including staff redundancies, refinancing and negotiation with landlords and suppliers;
  • Investment for a new start-up, which requires business modelling and presentation to financial institutions.

See more detailed case studies HERE.

Whatever position your business is in, we can help. And all you need to do to get the ball rolling is book a free, confidential, no-obligation Profit Fixer call with Christine.

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